Quals is a Singapore based firm that provides a wide range of corporate services.

These services begin with the incorporation of our clients’ companies that extends into assisting the administrative matters in their established firms. These services include Business Incorporation, Accounting, Taxation, Payroll and HR administration, and Corporate Secretarial Services.

Additionally, with our strategic partners located across Asia, inclusive of China and Hong Kong, Quals provides our clients with the opportunity to grow beyond domestic borders effortlessly at a worthwhile value.

Quals continues to be our clients’ trusted partner and strives to bring excellence to our clients.


Quals has helped our clients in pursuing their dreams by aiding them in the set up of their firm. Professionals such as medical specialists, architects have fulfilled their dreams of opening their own company with Quals.

Capital Market

Quals provides services for various capital market firms such as Foreign Brokering, Asset Management, Fund Management and Proprietary Trading. Licenses in these areas are difficult to get due to stringent regulations put in place by the government and MAS.

Food & Beverage

Quals has helped our clients in getting their businesses set up in the Food and Beverage Industry. These businesses includes restaurants and pubs. Licenses in these areas can be difficult to get as there many regulations regarding food safety.


Quals provides our services for the Information Technology Firms in areas such as FinTech, Blockchain, Virtual Reality as well as E-remittance


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