Enhancement of Global Trader Program (Structured Commodity Finance)


[Singapore] To facilitate the growth of Singapore’s trading sector and create high-value professional, managerial & executive jobs, IE Singapore launched the Global Trader Programme (GTP) in June 2001.

Under the current Global Trader Programme (Structured Commodity Finance) (“GTP (SCF)”) scheme, approved companies are taxed at a reduced corporate tax rate of 5% or 10% on its income derived from the following qualifying activities;

  1. Factoring;
  2. Forfeiting;
  3. Prepayment;
  4. Countertrade;
  5. Warehouse receipt financing;
  6. Export receivable financing;
  7. Project finance;
  8. Islamic trade finance;
  9. Transacting in derivatives to hedge against risks relating to any of the activities from a) to (h); and
  10. Advisory services in relation to any of the activities from (a) to (h).

The enhancement on the GTP (SCF) scheme will include the following qualifying activities which take effect from 25 March 2016;

  1. Consolidation, management and distribution of funds for designated investments;
  2. Mergers & Acquisitions advisory services; and
  3. Streaming Financing.

IE Singapore will release further details by June 2016.