Incubator Package

Incorporating in Singapore can be complicated due to the constant change in the Singapore Incorporation Laws. The person processing the relevant documents and setting accounts needs to be kept updated with incorporation laws to avoid any legality complications, arising later. At Quals, all the documents required are submitted on time to the relevant authorities and are in accordance with the legal requirements.

$968 (First Year)
$480 (Second Year)


In this 2 years package, Quals offers a series of functions that will give you the opportunity to start your business with ease. Quals will provide the assistance you need in the launch of your very first company, and will support of your company thereafter the incorporation of your business.

Our services included in the package:

Business Incorporation

(Inclusive of filing fee)

Retainer Fee for
Secretary Appointment

Corporate Secretarial
Services and Advisory

(Routine Job)

Office Address

How to qualify:


First Time Starting Up Your Own Company


1 Director and 1 Shareholder (Local only)


New Client of Quals


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