Between setting up a business and running a business, there is simply no time for unproductivity. Time is also often wasted on not delegating jobs to other people to do. You may be thinking the workload for you is endless, there is just too much to do. So, let Quals help you take some load off your shoulders.

Leave it to us and we will help you get the right contacts to do the job you need completed.


Making decisions can be difficult to do
and sometimes you need some advice.

At Quals, we can provide You with our sister
company, Oriel, to provide you the guidance
you need.

Human Resources

In today’s highly competitive, candidate-driven job
market, finding and hiring the ideal job candidate is
quite hard. This is why many companies turn to
recruitment agencies to help them recruit the right
people for their open job positions


Marketing is an important aspect of the
business as that is where you reach out to
your customers that would make you money.
However, it is difficult to accurately pinpoint
the right platforms to reach your intended
target audience.


Finding the right space is important for every
company to function. At Quals, we can help you look
for Trading Facilities, Office Space and even
Residential Space (for foreigners).


There are many software solutions in the
market that can help you make your job easier.
At Quals, we can help you find the ones that
suit your needs. Currently, we are able to
source for two types of software solutions,
Accounting software products and Payroll
software products.


Kinofy is a cross-border social commerce solutions
provider for businesses wanting to enter China in the
simple, smart and seamless way.


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