Making decisions can be difficult to do and sometimes you need some advice.
At Quals, we can provide the guidance you need with our sister company, Oriel.


Business Financing


Product or Service commercialization


Market expansion mechanics


Business Mergers and Acquisition




Acquiring agencies or distributorships and large asset developments

We Grow With You Program

Oriel understands your major challenges and will customize a roadmap for your company based on your current situation and map out how your company can improve your existing financials for the next few years. Each company will have a dedicated Program Manager to help you throughout the “growth” stage of your business.

Oriel is a certified consultant specializing in global strategy, supply chain finance, industrial 4.0, etc advisory for companies in Belt and Road countries. Oriel is Mitsubishi’s only eFactory consulting partner, more details

Services Provided

Business Financing

Capital funding can be difficult as capital providers are rarely convinced to provide the necessary capital for businesses. Reasons include the mismatch of expectations between the companies and capital providers. Thus, Oriel helps to formulate attractive financial strategy to ensure that the expectations between the companies and capital providers are met.

Project Finance Consultng

Large amount of resources and expertise are required to capture meaningful market share for infrastructure projects opportunities. Oriel Project financial specialists can provide business and financial consultancy services, such as formulating the appropriate proposal, for Large-Scale Development and Transactions.

Corporate Consulting

It is important to always stay relevant and respond accordingly to the fast changing and demanding business environment. Oriel’s specialists can provide customized solutions to address challenges that your company may face in the various stages of growth.

Exploratory Meeting

Oriels provides one to one diagnostic consultancy at no charge. Our business consultants can assist over a cup of coffee on a range of business matters including business planning, understanding regulations, government assistance schemes, Intellectual properties, business or project financing and more.

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