Cross Border Mobile E-Commerce Solution in China

Kinofy is a Cross Border Mobile E-Commerce Solution in China.

With a focus on reducing and optimising operational expenditure, Kinofy provides a robust purpose-built infrastructure and a complementary suite of services that ensure scalability and sustainability.

Step 1: Business Advisory
Providing you with expert knowledge and advisory, giving you the confidence, security, and ease as you kickstart your entry into China.
Step 2: Product Registration

Do away with the lengthy and costly legislative processes, complex importation requirements and bureaucracy issues. Register your products officially in a matter of weeks.

Step 3: Training & Education

On-hand market insights and comprehensive training sessions on the use of the Kinofy platform ensures that your organization is operationally ready for social commerce in China

Step 4: Logistics & Warehousing

We take care of shipping, warehousing and order fulfilment so you can focus on what really matters: building and growing your social commerce empire.

    Step 5: CCBC WeChat OA

    Leverage on the phenomenal rise of social commerce and the increasing demand of high-quality authentic foreign goods in China by setting up your very own trademark verified cross-border commerce enabled CCBC WeChat Official Account and e-store.

      Step 6: Social Selling Tools
      Be prepared to build and grow your brand community in China, with a myriad of marketing campaigns and community management tools at your disposal.
      You can also turn shoppers into sales channels within their social circles, increasing opportunities for wider reach and better conversions.
        Step 7: International Currency Settlement
        Drop your worries on China’s strict system of foreign exchange controls. We will ensure that you safely repatriate the proceeds back home, in your preferred currency.
          Step 8: Business Intelligent
          Track sales, store traffic and conversion rates wherever you are, and in real time.

          Key Benefits of Kinofy China Market Entry Programme


          • Formally import your products into China within 2.5 months*
          • Set up your very own social commerce store in under 3 months*
          • Free yourself up from tedious logistics and warehousing operations
          • Build, grow and scale your brand with a myriad of campaign and community management tools
          • Repatriate your profits out of China easily
          • Gain valuable consumer insights with real-time sales and marketing data
          *Terms and conditions apply

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