Hereby, we are pleased to share with you about the digital commerceinfrastructure – KINOFY, which help brand owners and authorised brand distributors to penetrate into the China’s market seamlessly by leveraging the power of social retail technology.

Back then, tapping into China market may seem tough, but Kinofy has made it simple for all of us.

 Kinofy has an 8-STEP CHINA MARKET ENTRY PROGRAMME that guide the companies to kick-start their business in China step by step, it further reduce the time needed compare to normal process.

 They uses WeChat as a digital platform to allow the company sell goods and services by creating their very own WeChat store. With averaging 1 billion active users on WeChat, Kinofy provide an opportunity for the brand owners to touch on new consumer segment.

 Meanwhile, Kinofy’s China Entry Programme is supported by a few government agencies and local SMEs get to subsidy by Singapore Government for up to 70% with term and conditions apply. With Kinofy, they are confident in boosting up your brand exposure and expand sales revenue with minimal cost involved!

Solutions Provided

Kinofy China is a digital commerce infrastructure that provides companies with a plug and play platform to kickstart their business in China by leveraging the power of social retail technology.

Kinofy enables genuine brand owners and authorised brand distributors to penetrate the China market in a simple, seamless and smarter way.

One of the largest untapped markets in Singapore is hiding in plain sight: the over 700,000 Chinese nationals living here. Are you using the right tools and platform to reach out to them?

Mainland Chinese Consumers in Singapore
With over 600 million social network users in China, Chinese consumers are highly mobile-savvy. Study shows that while living in Singapore, the mainland Chinese consumers are very much connected to China digitally.

This means that they are using apps and games created for the China market. At the same time, they are communicating with their friends and family, not only back in China, but all over the world, using WeChat. Hence if you are only running marketing and promotional campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram, you will be missing out on this larger group of consumers in Singapore.

In a world where our lives and personal space are increasingly invaded by technology, we crave deeper connections with people. We become more invested in supporting movements, campaigns and even products that resonate with our values and sense of purpose. In doing so, we form communities.

Brands build communities to reduce their dependency on advertising to drive traffic, to increase customer retention, to discover and groom brand advocates, to amass user-generated content, to understand their customers better and much more. Communities form the very heart of Social Commerce.

Kinofy’s Social Commerce Jumpstarter Programme consists of a series of solutions that gives you a headstart in Social Commerce, with the objective of acquiring brand followers, so you can start to build your very own community.