Did you know that China’s market for internet users is over 720 million? It can be difficult to reach out to this group of people if you do not accurately pinpoint the right platforms. Luckily for you, Quals has a partner that can aid you in reaching out to your customers. So, do you want to reach out to this large group of people for your company?

Currently, it is offering a digital marketing platform that learn about China’s internet users through multiple sources. After which, using the data collected, they will profile the users according to their characteristics and traits. Finally, they make use of that information to match your product or service with the right target audience. This will help your company to reach the right target market and at the same time stretch your dollar.

    • Connect marketers worldwide to the right audience in China and beyond via the proprietary marketing technology platform that reaches 98% of China Internet users.
    • Data-driven marketing is indispensable to marketers targeting China – Programmatic marketing is booming in China. Our proprietary platform, which boasts cross-channel and cross-screen capabilities, transforms data into insight, action and performance.
    • Redefine the digital marketplace with data, insight and innovation – A data-driven, result-driven approach is the future of marketing.

It is imperative for every business to have a website. The more professional your website is, the more advantages you can gain. Let us help you develop an effective website solution for your business, tailored to honing in on your prospective clients.

    • Web Design
    • Web Updates
    • Web Maintenance
    • Traffic & SEO
    • Hosting
    • Graphic Design

It’s so common to see more international companies taking the leap and entering the Chinese market through Chinese platforms, especially WeChat. Over the past 8 years, WeChat has grown enormously to boast more than 1 billion users. However, international companies lack of understanding when it comes to this platform makes their efforts futile.

Currently, there are 5 common ways for international businesses to do marketing and advertising on WeChat.

    • Wechat Public Account registered as a foreign company
    • Wechat Public Account registered through agencies in China
    • Feed Advertising with WeChat Public Account
    • Advertorials with local WeChat media accounts
    • Displaying banners on local WeChat media accounts
  • Our Advice:
    • Keep Content Focused on Your Specific Niche
    • Establish yourself as a native expert in your area
    • Provide completely unique insights/offers that are only available from your account.
    • Quality content equates to shares on ‘moments feeds. Nothing is more powerful than P2P sharing amongst social groups.
  • What my partner can help?
    • Application of WeChat Official Account (International / China)
    • Account Set-up & Management
    • WeChat Website Development and eCommerce Platform
    • Cross-Border Payment (WeChat Pay)
    • WeChat Content Management & Creation, O2O Marketing Promotion Campaign, Advertising Platform, Mini Programs, Training & Workshop, Mentoring Programme
    • Translation & Other WeChat Value Added Services