Space is an essential aspect for every business to conduct their day to day operations. At Quals, we will help you find the right real estate professionals who are experienced in their field. You will be well taken of, be it in the areas of relocation, expansion, purchasing or leasing of office space to suit your business plans. Not only that, the agents will discover opportunities for you to reduce your real estate risks and negotiate for the best possible lease terms to save you time and money.

For foreigners that are looking to set up your business and relocate to Singapore, Quals will also help you source for the right real estate professionals to find your dream home.

Finally, for companies looking to expand your trading facilities but do not want to purchase expensive computers with high specifications for trading, Quals has the right partner suitable for you. Qual’s partner offers a electronic trading facility that can accommodate trading institutions with varying configurations depending on your needs. Additionally, you can tap into their infrastructure, inclusive of advance hardware and software, ultra-low latency networks as well as broker-neutral environment.